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Doceo Nation – The Big Picture

Disciplined investing, proper budgeting, and balance in other aspects of our lives typically produce an abundance that enriches our lives and the lives of those around us. A good budget and discipline are good cures for the ills of procrastination. What people discover is that they can survive fine and enjoy life more, when they know that they are taking care of their retirement.

Some of the greatest joys that we have had in life have been helping to improve the lives of others and seeing the peace and joy that it brings to them.

However, we have found that the saying, “Tomorrow never comes” is also true with regards to charitable giving. It is just too easy to put off giving of our time and resources until we have more time, money, etc. Like retirement, one of the best cures for procrastination is a wise budget for giving that creates a healthy balance.
At Doceo, we “practice what we preach” and work with the charities listed below in making a real difference in the world. We believe the purpose of these groups aligns with our ideas on the proper use of resources and education. Each one has a tremendous story to tell and we encourage you to click on their links and see how they are making a difference in the world.